Expo Sports Marathon

Saturday 29 April 2017

Numbers and chips

The third edition of the Marathon Runner Empurias be installed in the City Hall of L'Escala and coincide with the collection of numbers and chips. There will be shops that offer their products and sportswear, will be held on Saturday april 29, 11h. to 13h. am and 16h. to 20h. pm. They can make the latest inscriptions, cash, any of the races (marathon, half marathon and 10 km).

Anchovies tasting

On the 29 april, up 17:00h L’Escala Sports Center will be holding a culinary Tasting of L’Escala Anchovies for all marathon, half marathon, 10 kilometres participants and their supporters. When you pick up your number you can taste one of the town’s traditional foods. Its reputation spans the world and it has maintained the traditional production process with totally natural products over the years.

L'Escala Sports Center